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Supreme Deck is one of the most experienced deck restoration contractors in Michigan. We set the standards in deck sealing, staining, cleaning, refinishing, repair, maintenance of composite Trex , wood decks , play sets, and log homes. Supreme Deck has serviced & restored over 18,000 decks and fences in or near the Clinton Township, Michigan, area since 1991. For the best results, our deck stain is hand brushed for professional quality.  We have the ability to remove most prior finishes, including Behr and restore them with premium contractor penetrating oil coatings (Olympic, TWP, Sikkens, Messmers, Rymar, & Superdeck). Unlike other deck cleaners and contractors, we typically don't require a deposit to book your restoration job. Its just another way as professional deck cleaning contractors we strive to provide you with peace of mind. Contact us today for more information on our deck refinishing services.



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SUPREME DECK is one of the largest TrexPro Platinum deck builders and installers of custom composite decks in Clinton Township, MI. Supreme Deck has earned a TrexPro Platinum status, which is the highest level of recognition available for an independent contractor. We are licensed & insured deck builder. Deck replacement, floor replacement, or resurfacing is becoming a popular option with many homeowners. It is a less expensive option than a complete build. Count on a professional deck contracting company like Supreme Deck to give you a fair estimate on any services needed on your new or existing deck. We are your one-stop-shop deck contractor company.
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Is your deck safe?
Built to city code ?

New homeowner with an existing deck? We can check to see if your deck is up to Clinton Township, MI Code. Your deck is an investment. Keep your deck not only looking beautiful, but safe. Make sure it's properly sealed with quality coatings. Supreme Deck is a licensed deck contractor to handle your deck repair needs.

 All Sealers Are Hand Brushed For Quality.
This Gazebo Was Finished With 
TWP Wood Finish | Preservative.
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Why didn't my Clinton Township, Michigan wood deck hold up or last?

There are several reasons why deck sealers and stains do not last more than a year. The most common is that the deck was not prepped or cleaned right. Any time a finish or oil based coating is applied all of the previous coating or treatment must be removed. The wood fibers need to be opened up to accept stain. We do this by using a mild deck stripper and pressure washing the deck with low pressure. If all the prior coatings from the deck is not removed the new coating will not penetrate deep enough into the wood and eventually fail. Deck coatings also fail because an inferior product was used. Coatings that are not formulated for horizontal surfaces fail in less than a year on most decks.

Home Depot, Menards or Lowe's market their deck stains as the "longest lasting" or "the best deck stain". You will be lucky to get a summer out of most of them. Behr Premium "oil modified" water based stain does not penetrate the wood, instead it puts a film on top of the wood which will eventually peel. Due to VOC laws, box stores stock water based products for novice users and carry very little premium oil based penetrating coatings used by professional deck cleaning contractors. These inferior stains are easy to spot, they are marketed as lasting 3-5 years. The only exception is Olympic oil based coatings found at Lowes.


The last reason deck coatings fail is that the stain was sprayed over a surface that was not prepped right. Deck restoration is a process that needs to be properly followed. Stripping the old finish with correct chemicals, pressure wash, brighten, let wood dry, and stain, is the correct process. Finally, spraying deck coatings just doesn't work the oil stain evenly into the wood as well as hand brushing it does. A high end oil based deck stain like TWP 100 or TWP 1500 is best when applied by brushing it for a professional even satin finish.

Deck Cleaners, Refinishers near Clinton Township, Michigan

Your deck needs to be professionally finished if you want expert results. Supreme Deck Restoration is one of the premier deck restoration companies in Southeast Michigan (MI) area including Clinton Township, MI to help restore your deck professionally. Please don't make the mistake a lot of home owners make by hiring an inexperienced "guy" or handyman to simply pressure wash and stain the deck because they cost less. There is much more to it for lasting results. For professional restoration results all the old sealer must be chemically removed and stripped off the deck before any new sealer can be applied. Cedar grain will naturally raise a little when it's stripped, so a professional wood restorer will remove as much of the fuzzies as possible. Because cedar loses its natural oils over time, a professional grade oil based deck sealer should be considered. A penetrating oil based wood sealer such as TWP, Olympic, Rymar, Messmers, Cabot, Sikkens, or Penofin, Ipe Oil stain will help replenish and protect the wood inside and out and offer a rainbow of colors for your deck.

It is recommended by all the top deck stain manufactures that every two years a deck should be cleaned and sealed. New decks still need to be cleaned to remove all of the mill galze. However, sealers on a new cedar deck will last more than a season. This is because the wood will not hold as much oil based sealer and high levels of natural oils are still present.

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Clinton Township, Michigan Deck & Fence Repair & Log home Restoration Services


Clinton Township, Michigan Wood Restoration

Exterior wood restoration is our specialty. Restore decks is what we mostly do. Over 1,600 decks a year. We never use high pressure washing or powerwashing to strip a deck; instead we properly use bio-degradable cleaners and strippers to remove failed stain and sealers to strip a deck, along with a light powerwashing or pressure washing to rehab the deck. We let the pressure washing soap & chemicals do most of the work. We only apply non-film building transparent stains that are contractor friendly. We have several crews and can tackle large 100 deck condo complexes in under a week.
On large condo complexes to individual decks for a professional job




Clinton Township, Michigan Staining, Sealing & Refinishing
Supreme Deck Restoration, Inc. does't spray our sealers or deck stains, instead they are all hand brushed for top quality and control. Painters and start up deck companies like to spray their coatings to save time and offer lower prices. Painters usually "throw" in the deck to get the house painting job. Painters are not experienced in removal of deck coatings. This is the most important step to a professional deck restoration job. Start up deck service companies think that a simple pressure wash will remove the existing coating and usually tear up the deck with the high pressure. Furthermore, if problems occur these companies can't be found because they don't have enough experience to correct their damage. Supreme Deck Restoration only uses top rated coatings on all of our decks that are easily removable. Products we use are TWP Preservative, TWP 1500, Sikkens SRD, Rymar, Messmers UV Plus and Olympic semi-transparent oil-based deck stains. These oil-based coatings are contractor friendly and penetrate deep into the wood for extra protection. Film based coatings like Behr are very difficult and expensive to remove and do not penetrate into the wood.

Superdeck Heart Redwood 1905 Rainbow Play set factory color
Clinton Township, Michigan-- Redwood play set sealing & Play Structure Refinishing
We can also refinish and restore your redwood play structure or play set. Your play structure takes up a lot of space in your backyard, so why not refinish and restore it while you are refinishing or cleaning the deck? We have refinished hundreds of play sets over the years back to the original factory finish. We can finish your redwood play structure for far less than the factory will, especially if it is done with the wood deck. We will strip the existing coating from your high end Redwood Play Structure and replace it with the original Duckback Superdeck Heart Redwood 1905 factory finish.
deck repair Clinton Township, Michigan Restore your Clinton Township, Michigan Boat Dock
If you live on a lake in Michigan chances are you have a wooden boat dock. If you are like most home owners your boat dock has an inch of mold on it. This is the reason that it gets slippery. Cleaning and sealing your boat dock it will extend the life and appearance of it. When its time do restore the deck, remember to ask for an estimate to stain other exterior wood, railroad ties, furniture, picnic table, and the wooden boat dock.
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Supreme Deck is a licensed and insured Michigan deck Building Company. Deck floor replacement or resurfacing is becoming a popular option with many deck owners. It is a less expensive option than a complete build. Michigan harsh springs are causing many decks to sink or rise, we have the experience of leveling them.
For more information on deck leveling or building visit us at:
Michigan Deck Building

Clinton Township, Michigan Trex Deck Builders Supreme Deck is a TrexPro Platinum installer for Clinton Township, Michigan (MI)

Clinton Township, Michigan Building & Construction
We service decks that have been previously painted or solid color stained. Once a deck has been painted it is extremely expensive to refurbish. If your deck has been painted you have only a few options to restore the deck to natural. Most homeowners think high pressure washing will remove all the paint. It really does NOT remove that much. Sanding is one option to remove all the paint. The other is an aggressive chemical strip, combined with aggressive power washing, followed with sanding. Sometimes it is just easier and more cost efficient to replace the floor with new wood. The least expensive option is just to repaint the deck again. However, the paint we apply is only as good as the original coating, meaning it will probably peel again on the flooring. We will pressure wash the deck, followed up by a light sanding, then re-paint the deck. No contractors can guarantee that a solid color will last more than a summer or two on the floor. This deck was painted with Behr Solid Cedar
Clinton Township, MichiganTrex Deck Builder


Supreme Deck is a TrexPro® Platinum installer, which is the highest level of recognition available for an independent contractor. TrexPro® Platinum deck builders are the leading TrexPros in their markets, with demonstrated ability and expertise to design and build outdoor living projects with Trex, ranging from the simple to the most complex. Look for the TrexPro Platinum icon when you’re searching for an official TrexPro® deck builder. Searching for deck builders near me? We cover most of Southeast Michigan

Clinton Township, Michigan Trex Deck Builders Supreme Deck is a TrexPro Platinum installer for Clinton Township, Michigan (MI)
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When to seal a new cedar or pressure treated deck?

Wait at least 30 days

New cedar and pressure treated decks in Michigan should weather for a month before sealing or staining and should definitely be sealed prior to winter. Chemicals now are used to remove the mill glaze and open up the pores of the wood so the stain can penetrate into the wood. Two of the biggest misconceptions homeowners make is not properly cleaning a new deck to remove the mill glaze and letting it weather for a year prior to sealing it. Letting pressure treated wood set unprotected and exposed to the sun will allow more time for it to split, warp, cup, shrink, twist and grey.

Clinton Township, Michigan Trex Deck Builders Supreme Deck is a TrexPro Platinum installer for Clinton Township, Michigan (MI)
Trex deck builders Michigan Clinton Township, Michigan Trex Deck Contractor

Supreme Deck is one of the largest installers of custom Trex decks in Michigan. Cable wire by Feeney railing is becoming popular on lakefront homes. This is an example of a job we did in Brighton, Michigan. We build great decks for less than our competition.


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Deck Leveling in Clinton Township, Michigan
This past winter was one of the worst our state has seen in years, causing many decks inClinton Township, Michigan to heave . This deck near Clinton Township, Michigan was an example of what we saw on a weekly basis. Our crews replaced 5 posts that were heaving. Michigan code requires you to go at least 42" into the ground. We like to go deeper in areas that are close to wetlands. When deck footings aren't poured deep enough, decks can heave. Sandy, well drained soils aren't particular susceptible to frost heave, while soils with higher clay content are prone to frost heave. This is why it’s so important for deck footings to extend down below the frost line. Clay expands causing the ground to push anything out, including concrete and deck poles. Unlike handyman, Supreme Deck Restoration, Inc carries full workman's compensation and liability insurance for this type of work.

Clinton Township, Michigan (MI) Deck Repair & Building
We offer complete deck services from the repair of one floor board to a complete deck installation. We try to weather most of our boards prior to installing them to insure they match up better to the rest of the deck. New cedar lumber has a mill glaze on it that acts like a skin and does not allow the stain to penetrate properly causing it to stand out for several years. Most repair companies go to Lowe's or Home Depot to buy new cedar decking, so when it's installed the floor looks very uneven (old and new boards). We have solved this problem. When we wash and seal the deck all of the boards are very close to matching up when the job is complete.
Clinton Township, Michigan Wood Cleaning & Cleaners
The cedar that most people are using for decks is not as rot resistant as the cedar that was being used 30 years ago. In the old days, cedar and redwood decks were built from old growth lumber, which was loaded with oils and natural chemicals that made it highly resistant to insect attack and decay. These days, the wood is coming from new growth and managed forests. This newer lumber contains lots of sapwood which will rot decay faster. Plus, it cracks and splinters. And if it's not kept treated, it generally looks bad after a few years. Supreme Deck Restoration has the experience to service exotic hardwood decking such as IPE, Bamboo, and Mahogany.

Deck above sealed with TWP 101 Cedartone-Preservative  

We ARE NOT a Clinton Township, Michigan $99 Low cost deck Cleaning or Pressure Washing Company
This is what can happen when an inexperienced low cost deck restoration company is hired. Remember the saying "you get what you pay for", it is no different in our industry. We get several calls a season to finish work other companies started. This picture is an example of what we see every summer. The stain on the brick will not come out and the landscaping around the deck (that is not shown) is browned out and dead. Could you imagine coming home to this? Don't let a photo of your deck make it here. We see these jobs all over the Clinton Township, Michigan, (MI) area. Most painters and start-ups like to spray their stain to save on time. Deck stain is very light and travels far even with slight amounts of wind; cleanup can be a nightmare, if not impossible. All of our stain is HAND BRUSHED for control.


An example of mold on a composite deck floor Floor.Trex or composite cleaning

Clinton Township, Michigan (MI) Composite Cleaning
Trex composite Pressure Washing and deck cleaning

Here is an example of the mold that forms on composite decking material. Supreme Deck Restoration has a process that removes most of the mold and restores composite decking, Trex, and TimberTech very close to the original color.

Composite manufactures now recommend that these composite decks without the pvc wrap should be sealed with a water based deck sealer to prevent mold from forming as fast. By using a composite cleaner and pressure washing the composite deck we can eliminate most of the black mold spots. Just a simple power wash or pressure wash will not work alone. All Trex and other composite deck need to be cleaned yearly for routine maintenance in Clinton Township, Michigan (MI).

A composite waterborne deck sealer will prevent mold from forming as fast on any composite deck. Azek, Trex Transcend, Trex Select, and other PVC decking with a wrap are the only decks we see that do not need to be sealed. Before replanking or replacing your deck floor with composite.


Other Michigan contractor maintenance services we offer near Clinton Township, Michigan (MI) include:

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